The Employment Game Program

The Program

This program is designed for adults who are neurodiverse to gain the skills to obtain a job and to keep the position.
The program is a collaboration between AIM Institute of Health & Sciences, Jason Schmidt from Workways and Stephen Golding from the Ignition Team Peer Support Group.

This collaboration means that individuals will be able to undertake courses in workplace skills, receive Peer support throughout the course and when ready, receive job opportunities and job support through Jason Schmidt at Workways.

By undertaking this program employers will be able to see the prospective employees’ capability through the attainment of a Certificate I and/or Certificate II in Workplace Skills.

These courses are specifically designed to teach the skills required in any workplace and has activities and games customised to specific industries of interest to participants.

To enter into this program participants undergo a LL&N (Language Literacy and Numeracy) Assessment/Game to see which course and industry stream their interest and skills best fit. As we all know if we are interested, capable and supported then we can achieve, and this is the foundation of this program – that “participants are supported to achieve”.

From the LL&N Game, an Individual Learning Plan will be developed and discussed with the participant identifying their strengths and skills and the support they will receive as well as enrolment into further vocational courses if applicable.

As a Registered Training Organisation, AIM Institute of Health & Sciences has experience in assisting participants to achieve their full potential through experienced industry trainers, onsite training and student counselling in an environment that is nurturing and supportive of all student’s needs and abilities.

Our Trainer (Mother of a Special Needs Adult Son) and Student Counsellor have training and experience in a variety of learning disabilities and can offer participants the full scope of their abilities to assist them to achieve.

Come and join The Employment Game
and be surprised at what can be achieved

Call Claire Golding on 0417 881 708 for more information or email

Course Streams Available

Private Sector:
Food Drink & Hotels
Hair Beauty & Fashion
IT & Office
Leisure & Tourism
Transport & Warehouse

Self Employment:
Business – starting your own

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